Men's Classic Physique

Overall Physique Objective:

In this class the emphasis is symmetry and this will take priority in judging this class rather than size or extreme condition.



For this class it is not a priority to be striated. The competitor needs to show symmetrical leanness top to bottom with muscle separation without an overly dieted appearance.


Symmetry: Structural Harmony

The Ideal physique will display an aesthetically proportioned muscular “X” frame silhouette, highlighted by a small waist. 


Presentation: Includes posture, effectiveness to display the competitor’s assets, smooth transitions and stage presence.

Also considered, evenness of skin tone & color, grooming, suit fit and choice.


Round 1: Quarter Turns

Round 2: Mandatory Poses. (Listed below)



  • Front Bicep pose (single arm bicep, opposite hand extended or double bicep)

  • Front Overhead Abdominal Pose

  • Left Mantis Pose (arms extended, leg placement is competitors choice)

  • Back Archer Pose (right arm extended, leg placement is competitors choice)

  • Rear double arm bicep twisted, (leg placement competitors choice)

  • Right Mantis Pose (arms extended, leg placement is competitors choice)

  • Front Overhead Victory Pose

  • Favorite Classic Pose (Exception Most Muscular)

  • Left side chest pose

  • Rear double bicep pose

  • Right side chest pose

  • NO Vacuum Pose in mandatories but you can use it in routine or as your favorite pose


Posing Routine: (optional)

  • 60 Seconds.


Posing Shorts:

Competitors are required to wear posing shorts that cover your glutes.  Color of choice


*Note: No board shorts or Bodybuilding posing trunks.

*Note: Crossover from Men’s Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique is allowed.