Women's Physique

NANBF Women’s Physique competition participants must be age 13 or older. Current membership to NANBF is required of all competitors to participate in NANBF events. All NANBF shows are natural events, meaning use of performance enhancing substances is not permitted. Complete details on drug testing and a list of banned substances can be viewed online at TheNaturalMuscleNetwork.com/Forms/DrugTestingGuidelines.pdf. Competitors must successfully pass a polygraph screening prior to events to attest to their natural status.


NANBF Women’s Physique will consist of the prejudging (group comparisons) and individual presentation (posing routines). Events that have separate times for prejudging and finals, individual presentations (posing routines) are only performed at finals.


Judging Criteria

The NANBF Women’s Physique judging criteria is based on lean muscle, symmetry (balanced proportions), poise and presentation.

Group Comparisons – Body Evaluations

Competitors begin facing the judges and are guided through quarter turns. During the quarter turns arms should remain in a natural hanging position and the competitors head and feet should be pointed in the same direction. On side views, the competitor’s upper body can have a slight twist. At any time competitors maybe moved around to be compared to the other athletes. After the quarter turns competitors will be directed through the mandatory poses which consist of:


-Front Double Biceps with open hands and One Leg Spiked

-Side Triceps with Front Leg extended

-Side Chest with Arms Extended and Front Leg Extended

-Back Double Biceps with Open Hands and One Heel Spiked

-Side Serratus

-Hands Over Head Ab with One Leg Extended

Individual Routine

Competitors individually perform a posing routine to music of their choice. Costumes and/or props are permitted, but are not required. If costumes or props are utilized, they should still allow presentation of the physique. The individual routine is not factored into scoring. Routines count towards consideration for Best Poser awards when offered.


Each judge takes scoring all criteria into account and assigns one overall score for each contestant in the form of rank during the group comparison round, such as 1st through 7th place, for example. A highest and lowest rank for each competitor is dropped as a safeguard against human error and/or bias, whether intentional or on a subconscious level. The remaining judges’ placements are summed, and the competitor with the lowest sum total receives first place in the class. Second lowest sum receives 2nd place, and so on.

Additional Information:

-Thong suits are not permitted

-Suits can include designs, patterns and/or adornments

-Jewelry is permitted

-Shoes are not worn

-Music selections should not contain profane or offensive material.

-Crossovers between Women’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding will be permitted.

-Crossovers between Women’s Physique and Figure in NANBF is allowed but not to Bikini.

Scoring Example:

Competitor     Judge1     Judge2     Judge3     Judge4     Judge5     Judge6     Judge7     Total     Place

A                          1x              2x               1                1                1                1               2               6           1

B                          2x              1x               2                2                2                2               1               9           2

x=drop highest and lowest score

If a tie occurs, placements are decided by the tie-breaker guideline.